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Title Location Sort ascending Type of post Grade Closing date
Administrateur/(trice) National(e) (Sciences exactes et naturelles) Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire Administrateur national NO-A 06-MAR-2024
Consultant/e individuel/le (national/e) - Secteur de la Culture Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire Consultant 04-MAR-2024
PROGRAMME ASSISTANT Abuja, Nigeria 12 Feb 2024
Abuja, Nigeria Service Contract Level 2 28-FEB-2024
Senior Administrative Assistant
Senior Administrative Assistant Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 1 Feb 2024
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia General Services G-6 29-FEB-2024
Africa Forum Logistics Coordinator
Africa Forum Logistics Coordinator Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 23 Feb 2024
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Consultant 22-MAR-2024
National Professional Officer (Natural Sciences)
National Professional Officer (Natural Sciences) Almaty, Kazakhstan 15 Feb 2024
Almaty, Kazakhstan National Professional Officer NO-A 04-MAR-2024
National Project Officer (Education)
National Project Officer (Education) Amman, Jordan 21 Feb 2024
Amman, Jordan National Professional Officer NO-B 13-MAR-2024
Programme Assistant_(SC-7/1)_AMN-24-ED-1
Programme Assistant_(SC-7/1)_AMN-24-ED-1 Amman, Jordan 13 Feb 2024
Amman, Jordan Service Contract Field 29-02-2024
National Professional Officer (Natural Sciences) Baghdad, Iraq National Professional Officer NO-B 07-MAR-2024 (EXTENDED)
Individual Consultant - Higher Education
Individual Consultant - Higher Education Bangkok, Thailand 15 Feb 2024
Bangkok, Thailand Consultant 28-FEB-2024
Programme Specialist (Education)
Programme Specialist (Education) Beirut, Lebanon 20 Feb 2024
Beirut, Lebanon Professional P-3 20-MAR-2024
Programme Assistant (Communication & Information) Brasilia, Brazil Service Contract Field G-3 26-FEB-2024
Consultant - Public Information
Consultant - Public Information Brussels, Belgium 15 Feb 2024
Brussels, Belgium Consultant 10/03/2024
Liaison Officer (Natural Sciences)
Liaison Officer (Natural Sciences) Brussels, Belgium 16 Feb 2024
Brussels, Belgium Professional P-3 18-MAR-2024
Associate Educational Policy Analyst (Gender at the Centre Initiative) Dakar, Senegal Professional P-2 29-FEB-24
Assistant(e) Administratif(ve) au Programme
Assistant(e) Administratif(ve) au Programme Dakar, Senegal 14 Feb 2024
Dakar, Senegal General Services G-5 14 - MAR - 2024
Consultant (Spécialiste de programmes de formation: PAPIQ & PAPESI ) Dakar, Senegal Consultant 29-Feb-2024
Senior Consultant (The WiLL research agenda- Women Support in Learning Leadership Project) Dakar, Senegal Consultant 26-FEb-2024
National Professional Officer (Natural Sciences) Dhaka, Bangladesh National Professional Officer NO-A 29-FEB-2024
Senior Communication and Public Engagement Officer Dhaka, Bangladesh Service Contract Level 3 29 February 2024
Programme Specialist (Natural Sciences) Doha, Qatar Professional P-3 04-MAR-2024
National Professional Officer (Education)
National Professional Officer (Education) El Salvador, El Salvador 1 Feb 2024
El Salvador, El Salvador National Professional Officer NO-C 29-FEB-2024
Piloto /Recepcionista
Piloto /Recepcionista Guatemala City, Guatemala 16 Feb 2024
Guatemala City, Guatemala Service Contract Field G-1 March 8, 2024
Non-Staff Service Contract
Non-Staff Service Contract Guatemala City, Guatemala 16 Feb 2024
Guatemala City, Guatemala Contrato de servicios - Campo G-1 March 8, 2024
National Project Officer (Natural Science)
National Project Officer (Natural Science) Hanoi, Vietnam 31 Jan 2024
Hanoi, Vietnam Service Contract Field G-4 29 -Feb - 2024