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Title Location Sort ascending Type of post Grade Closing date
INTERNSHIP: Division of Internal Oversight Services (Headquarters) Paris, France Intern 31 December 2023
Chief of Documents Management Section
Chief of Documents Management Section Paris, France 20 Sep 2023
Paris, France Professional P-4 21-OCT-2023
Digital Security Assistant
Digital Security Assistant Paris, France 16 Sep 2023
Paris, France General Services G-5 09-OCT-2023 (EXTENDED)
Chief of Section (Resource Planning, Monitoring and Reporting) (Re-advertisement) Paris, France Professional P-5 22-OCT-2023
Administrative Assistant (Culture)
Administrative Assistant (Culture) Paris, France 26 Sep 2023
Paris, France General Services G-4 10-OCT-2023
MLPP 2023_Liaison Officer (Asia & the Pacific) Paris, France Professional P-3 31-OCT-2023
MLPP 2023_Partnership Specialist
MLPP 2023_Partnership Specialist Paris, France 22 Sep 2023
Paris, France Professional P-3 21-NOV-2023
MLPP 2023_Operation Officer
MLPP 2023_Operation Officer Paris, France 15 Sep 2023
Paris, France Professional P-3 15-NOV-2023
Chief of the Living Heritage Entity (Culture) Paris, France Professional P-5 29-SEP-2023 (EXTENDED)
MLPP 2023_Programme Specialist (Global Ocean Observing System) Paris, France Professional P-3 18-NOV-2023
MLPP 2023_Programme Specialist (Water Quality) Paris, France Professional P-3 31-OCT-2023
Programme Specialist (Social and Human Sciences) [Re-advertisement] Paris, France Professional P-4 02-OCT-2023
Secretarial Assistant
Secretarial Assistant Phnom Penh, Cambodia 15 Sep 2023
Phnom Penh, Cambodia General Services G-4 16-OCT-2023
MLPP 2023_Programme Specialist (Education)
MLPP 2023_Programme Specialist (Education) Rabat, Morocco 23 Sep 2023
Rabat, Morocco Professional P-3 31-OCT-2023
Consultoría proyecto Marco Regional de Monitoreo de estudiantes en situación de movilidad y SIRIED Santiago, Chile Consultant 06-OCT-2023
Senior Project Assistant (Education for Health and Well-Being) South Africa, South Africa General Services G-6 23-OCT-2023 (EXTENDED)
Programme Support Assistant (temporary)
Programme Support Assistant (temporary) Tashkent, Uzbekistan 26 Sep 2023
Tashkent, Uzbekistan Service Contract Level 4 10-OCT-2023
Library Assistant (Serials and Scholarly Communications) Trieste, Italy General Services G-4 16-OCT-2023
Head of Section / Senior Research Scientist (Amended) Trieste, Italy Professional P-5 03-OCT-2023
Research Scientist
Research Scientist Trieste, Italy 19 Sep 2023
Trieste, Italy Professional P-3 18-OCT-2023
Programme Assistant
Programme Assistant Venice, Italy 31 Aug 2023
Venice, Italy General Services G-4 29-SEP-2023
IT Assistant
IT Assistant Yangon, Myanmar 19 Sep 2023
Yangon, Myanmar Service Contract Level 4 06-Oct-2023
Consultant international pour appuyer la création des Centres d'Excellence Universitaires Régionaux Yaounde, Cameroon Consultant 02 Octobre 2023
Chargé(e) de programme Sciences Exactes et Naturelles Yaounde, Cameroon Contrat de service 02 Octobre 2023