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Water Resources- Civil Engineer -Basrah -Contract Through Third Party- BAG-22-CLT-0006 Basrah, Iraq Service Contract Field Level 5 07-July-2022
Translator/Minute-Writer (Chinese)
Translator/Minute-Writer (Chinese) Paris, France 16-Jun-2022
Paris, France Professional P-2 / P-3 18-JUL-2022
Structure Engineer -Basrah -Part Time- Contract Through Third Party- BAG-22-CLT-0007 Basrah, Iraq Service Contract Field Level 5 07-July-2022
Site Engineer -Mosul-Contract Through Third Party- BAG-22-CLT-0011 Nineveh, Iraq Service Contract Field G-3 19-July-2022
Site Architect/Engineer -Basrah -Contract Through Third Party- BAG-22-CLT-0005 Basrah, Iraq Service Contract Field Level 5 07-July-2022
Sistematización y documentación de una experiencia innovadora de enseñanza y aprendizaje en escuelas Mexico City, Mexico Consultant 16/07/2021
Senior Research Scientist
Senior Research Scientist Trieste, Italy 23-Jun-2022
Trieste, Italy Professional P-4 25-JUL-2022
Senior Programme Coordinator
Senior Programme Coordinator Paris, France 02-Jul-2022
Paris, France Professional P-5 04-JULY-2022
Senior IT Assistant
Senior IT Assistant New Delhi, India 21-Jun-2022
New Delhi, India Service Contract Field G-3 06-JUL-2022
Senior Administrative Assistant (Culture)
Senior Administrative Assistant (Culture) Paris, France 29-Jun-2022
Paris, France General Services G-6 29-JUL-2022
Secretarial Assistant
Secretarial Assistant Trieste, Italy 21-Jun-2022
Trieste, Italy General Services G-4 15-JUL-22 (extended)
Resource Mobilization Officer for Sciences in Asia and the Pacific (Consultant) Jakarta, Indonesia Consultant Level 2 03 Jul 2022
Resource Mobilization Coordinator MYRP- Ecuador - Education Sector Quito, Ecuador Service Contract Field G-4 07-JUL-2022
Research Scientist
Research Scientist Trieste, Italy 30-Jun-2022
Trieste, Italy Professional P-3 04-JULY-2022
Project Officer for the Communication and Information Programme; UNESCO Office in Montevideo Montevideo, Uruguay Service Contract Level 1 31-JUL-2022
Project Officer - Education in Emergencies
Project Officer - Education in Emergencies Beirut, Lebanon 15-Jun-2022
Beirut, Lebanon Service Contract 05-JUL-2022
Project Officer (Education)
Project Officer (Education) Kabul, Afghanistan 14-Jun-2022
Kabul, Afghanistan Professional P-3 07-JUL-2022
Project Officer (Database Manager)
Project Officer (Database Manager) Montreal, Canada 01-Jul-2022
Montreal, Canada Professional P-3 15-JUL-2022 (EXTENDED)
Project Assistant (Culture) - SC(5/1)-BAG-22-CLT-0009 Erbil, Iraq Service Contract Level 3 10-Jul-2022
Programme Assistant
Programme Assistant Trieste, Italy 29-Jun-2022
Trieste, Italy General Services G-5 29-JUL-2022
Press Officer
Press Officer Paris, France 24-Jun-2022
Paris, France Professional P-3 25-JUL-2022
Non-Staff Service Contract 1 1 1 1
Non-Staff Service Contract 1 1 1 1 Quito, Ecuador 22-Jun-2022
Quito, Ecuador Contrato de servicios - Campo G-4 07-JUL-2022
National Project IT Officer
National Project IT Officer New Delhi, India 01-Jul-2022
New Delhi, India National Professional Officer NO-C 15-JUL-2021
National Professional Officer (Social and Human Sciences) Almaty, Kazakhstan National Professional Officer NO-A 08-JUL-2022